Companies Make Construction Products from Recycled Materials

Another company making a construction product from recycled material is Artis Wall, a brand of Waddell Manufacturing based in Grand Rapids, Mich. The company uses reclaimed barn wood planks for ...

When a Building Comes Down, Where Do Its Materials Go?

Jan 30, 2019 · The picture is less impressive for steel used as rebar and as reinforcing material in concrete construction: Only 71 percent of such steel is recycled, according to the Steel Recycling Institute. The lower percentage indicates the importance of neatly separating different materials during demolition to better guarantee their efficient reuse.

Using Recycled Construction and Demolition Waste Products - MDPI

24 Nov 2020 ... Previous research has shown that there is some level of resistance to the reuse of recycled C&D waste products in construction projects.

Recycled Plastic Lumber Manufacturers | HDPE Plastic Lumber

Traditional wooden timbers are a common building material that is utilized for many types of construction projects. This category can be broken down into two main types of wooden lumber: Old Growth and New Growth. Old growth wood is produced by natural forests developed over time, includes trees over 120 years old that haven’t been disturbed by events like fires, windstorms, and logging.

22 Sustainable Building Materials to Consider for Your Home

Nov 15, 2019 · Recycled plastic lumber, which is essentially a recycled plastic product with the capabilities of wood, is developing as a viable construction option. To ensure the process of recycling the plastic and its use as lumber is beneficial to both the environment and the public, the American Society for Testing Materials has developed standards for ...

Recycling Buildings: 10 Building Materials That Can Be Reused

Demolition recycling is an important step in a building’s life cycle, as material reclamation and good recycling practices can divert over 90% of the building’s material from the landfill. Here’s what materials can be recycled and what they can be turned into. Concrete, Bricks & Blocks. Stat

Sustainable Management of Construction and Demolition

More information on environmental considerations associated with the reuse and recycling of certain C&D materials can be found at Best Practices for Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling Construction and Demolition (C&D) Materials. Top of Page. Rebuying C&D Materials. Buying used C&D materials and recycled content products for use in new ...

7 Materials that can be Recycled at Your Construction Site

Construction and demolition (C&D) materials are one of the leading contributors to solid waste in the United States. According to the Construction & Demolition Recycling Association (CDRA), over 325 million tons of recoverable C&D waste is generated each year.The sheer volume of these materials underscores the need for environmentally friendly methods of waste management; prompting more ...

15 Building and Design Products Sourced From Recycled Materials

15 Mar 2018 ... Here are 15 products to incorporate into your next home: · 1. Artis Wall Artis Wall is made from authentic reclaimed wood from around the US. · 2.

Benefits of Using Recycled Materials for Your Construction Project

16 Sep 2020 ... Some products made from recycled materials may surprise you · Timbercrete: a lighter form of concrete made with sawdust. · Ferrock: a longer- ...